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MCZ Hydrotherm 80 26,2 kW


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MCZ Hydrotherm 80 - fireplace insert with a water jacket.

Fireplace with a hatch and an innovative water circuit.
In contrast to the competition, where the flow between the inlet and outlet water is about 1 meter, in our MCZ inserts this road is 6.5 meters.

The water jacket is divided into special heating ducts, which wrap around the entire contribution. This provides more heat exchange area and more efficient.

Fast heated radiators
A large amount of heat is of course important, but getting it quickly - more important: thanks to a new design concept Hydrotherm in just 10 minutes can provide hot water (40° C) to the radiators, which is far better result than the standard products available on the market.

Higher efficiency!
Because of its excellent internal combustion, fireplaces Hydrotherm exceed 77% efficiency, reducing fuel costs compared to less efficient products. And all for the benefit of the environment.

Security and Automation!
Unlike traditional fireplaces, Hydrotherm is equipped with an automatic valve regulating combustion air and automatic safety which translates into more safety at home and significantly easier to use.

Technical data:
Nominal power (at 7.1 kg / h): 26.2 kW
Nominal power to water: 15.2 kW
Efficiency: 77.1%
CO (at 13% O2): 0.61%
Recommended pressure chimney: 12 Pa
Warranty: 7 years (on the body)
Weight: 232 kg

Fireplace meets the stringent certifications:
CE, EN 13229


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 MCZ Hydrotherm 80 26,2 kW

MCZ Hydrotherm 80 26,2 kW