Kawmet fireplace insert Corner-W16-Left premium 14,7

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Kawmet iron cast insert Corner-W16-Left premium 14,7

It's possible to additionally equip this insert with an external air inlet. There is a throttle built-in as a standard feature of this model. Kawmet fireplace inserts are made in 100% of cast iron. The wall thickness of the inserts is 10-15 mm, while competition offers mostly 7-8 mm. It increases safety and prolongs life of your fireplace insert.

The elements are screwed, not welded, which further prevents the stresses inside the structure. Each of the inserts is equipped with a removable dual rear wall.

Cast iron - a material perfect

Cast iron has long been recognized as the most proven material when it comes to building heating equipment. Production of castings is not cheap, but it brings a lot of advantages: cast iron is more resistant and more durable than steel. In addition, tolerates the high temperatures better than steel, does not deform, and there is no stress inside the structure, which often occurs in low-cost steel fireplace inserts.

The technology for cleaning windows - SmartClean

High performance cleaning system. It is only a feature of models KAWMET Premium. Special air guiding channels directl air into the upper cleaning points, creating a free flow of air for cleaning glass. The air used for it is pre-heated, so it does not cause any loss of combustion efficiency.

Technical details:

Power rating (kW) 14,7
Range of power rating (kW) 8-18
Diameter (mm) 180
Efficiency (%) ~ 74
Weight (Kilo) 133
Outer dimensions (mm) 805 x 447 x 453
Glass dimensions (mm) 760 x 405
Side glass dimensions (mm) 411 x 405
Warranty 5 years

Power rating depends on the amount of burned wood (fuel) in the insert.

1 kg of dry wood is approx. 4 kW.

So 3 kg wood = 12 kW, 5 kg of wood = 20 kW.

Standard features:

100% cast iron insert,

- glass cleaning system (smartclean required)

- post-combusion gas burning;

- possibility of taking air for combustion from the outside (air inlet required);

- chrome finish,

- wall thickness of 10-15 mm,

- equipped in a damper ,

- deflector increases fireplace's efficiency by increasing the exhaust path,

- adjustable flow of air (through the ash pan),

- decorative "fence", which protects the wood from falling out of the combustion chamber,

- densely arranged radiators, increasing the area from which the heat is dissipated to the environment.

Additional equipment that can be purchased:

- Iron cast external air inlet, diameter 100

- Stand for the insert;

- Smartclean system;

Fireplace meets requirements of:

CE, EN 13229


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Kawmet fireplace insert Corner-W16-Left premium 14,7

Kawmet fireplace insert Corner-W16-Left premium 14,7

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