Kobok Horizontal Hydro 670/500 SM 16,6 kW + coil pipe

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Fireplace insert Kobok Horizontal Hydro 670/500 SM 16,6 kW + coil pipe

Fireplace with water heat for central heating. Designed to work with buffer tank. The design of fireplace inserts Koboke is made of steel, with cast iron grate painted ecological paint. The combustion chamber is lined with chamotte, it has a cast-iron grate and ash. The door glazed special transparent ceramics capable of withstanding 750° C. Decorative silk-screen glass, which gives the fireplace elegant and modern look (a single blackened glass).

- very clean combustion process (water exchanger is located above the fireplace)
- meets the most stringent emission standards of the Austrian 15a B-VG and German DIN plus,
- high efficiency - over 87%
- very good distribution of power - 2/3 of the total nominal power goes to heating water.
- robust construction ensures a long service life,
- water exchanger has only vertical tubes which ensures easy cleaning

Nominal power of fireplace insert depends on the amount of burned wood (fuel) in the furnace.

1 kg of dry wood is approx. 4 kW

3 kg of wood = 12 kW

5 kg of wood = 20 kW

Technical data:

Nominal power (at 4,9 kg/h): 16,6 kW

Average power to water: 8,8 kW

Water capacity: 25 L

Efficiency: >85,1%

CO (at 13% O2): 0,12%

Recommended pressure chimney: 12 Pa

Warranty: 7 years (on the body)

The warranty on the grog and grill: 2 years

Weight: 305 kg


Air inlet fi 125

Quadruple system for clean windows

Ergonomic and functional control of the combustion process

Deflector, increasing the efficiency of appliances above 87%

Cast iron grate (or chamotte) and steel ash

Adjustable feet

Coil pipe for use in a closed system

Accessories (to order):

Double blackened glass (DSM)

External ashpan (VOP)

The lowered hearth (ZO)

Masking frames (KR)


CE, EN 13229

DIN plus

Article 15 B-VG

Technical drawing:

A=670, B=500, DN=180, F=1505, C=490 (mm)

(Kobok Hydro fireplace inserts have the facade of 440 mm height on request)

Sample connection diagram:


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Kobok Horizontal Hydro 670/500 SM 16,6 kW + coil pipe

Kobok Horizontal Hydro 670/500 SM 16,6 kW + coil pipe